Congratulations on your Prac+Safe purchase! 

You can now login and access Prac+Safe by clicking on the link below (please bookmark this link immediately) and using your Access Code and a password of Pracsafe1  (Note the capital “P”).

Login link to bookmark:

username: Your Access Code
Password: Pracsafe1     (Note the capital “P”. You will be asked to change this password after your first login. Please use this new password you create for all subsequent logins).

*** IMPORTANT – You MUST send us the information below ***

So that we can update your account (and your instructor can see your results) please send us an email immediately to confirming the following information:

  • Your Access Code
  • Your full name (first and last name)
  • Your email address

Training Videos and Student Resources

We strongly recommend that you visit our Prac+Safe website which has concise training videos showing you how to access and use its features correctly:

If you have any specific questions about the parts of Prac+Safe you need to complete, these should be addressed to your faculty as they set the course requirements.

For any other enquiries you can contact us at:


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