Student (User) Training Videos

Watch our concise video tutorials and learn how to use Prac+Safe® quickly and easily

  • Prac+Safe®: How to purchase a licence online

This 3min video will take you through the process of purchasing a Prac+Safe® licence online and accessing core introductory training videos.
0:00 – 1:58 How to purchase a Prac+Safe® licence
1:58 – 2:47 Essential Training videos (please watch them before you use Prac+Safe®)
2:47 The correct Prac+Safe® Login link

  • Prac+Safe®: How to access and submit your Score Card

Have your professors asked you to submit your Score Card? If so, learn how to do so quickly and easily in this 4min video.

  • Prac+Safe®: PRACTICE Mode

This 5min video gives an excellent overview of Prac+Safe’s® practice mode (which should be accessed prior to assessment) including how to access thousands of practice questions, how to access the Learning Materials (in both pdf and video format) and how to generate and submit a Score Card if requested by Professors.

  • Prac+Safe®: ASSESSMENT Mode

This 3min video provides a summary of how to access and undertake the assessments within Prac+Safe®, including how to download certificates upon successful completion.

  • How to reset your password if you cannot login

If you have forgotten your password DO NOT contact your Professor.
You can reset your own password in a few seconds by watching the video below.

  • Using syringes (including rounding your answers)

This concise 3min video will teach you how to use the various syringes in Prac+Safe® and clarify the rounding requirements for each.


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