Administrative (Faculty/Staff) Training Videos

Watch our video tutorials and learn how to use Prac+Safe® to perform a variety of administrative functions including reporting on user compliance

  • Prac+Safe®: How to purchase a licence online

This 2.5 min video will take you through the process of purchasing a Prac+Safe® licence online and accessing core introductory training videos.

  • Prac+Safe®: Curriculum Implementation Tutorial

Successful implementation of Prac+Safe® in your curriculum is crucial! Give students the best possibility of optimising their outcomes. These strategies are based on data collected from having worked with tens of thousands of students.

  • Prac+Safe®: Administrator Access

This video will show Prac+Safe® Administrators how to login to the administrative interface (Learning Management) and review an individual user’s progress – including their total logins and performance in any Prac+Safe® assessment.

  • Prac+Safe®: Assessment Report

This video will show Prac+Safe® Administrators how they can generate a Report (in HTML and CSV formats) summarising the performance of an entire group of users in any Prac+Safe® assessment and across any time period of their choice. This is an extremely powerful report that all Prac+Safe® Administrators should be familiar with.


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